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501st Legion in Canada’s Capital Region

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I just found there exists a chapter of the “501st Stormtrooper Legion” in Ottawa.

For those that aren’t aware, the 501st legion are a group of about 4,500 volunteers that dress up in Star Wars costumes and visit sick children at hospitals across 45 countries to bring them toys and smiles.

They are involved with the Max Keeping Foundation, the Ottawa Food Bank, and other local charities.

A worthwhile geeky cause for those interested…

Star Wars on Japanese Tenugui [Crafts]

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[via ThinkGeek]

“Tenugui have a long history with Japanese culture. They are used as head coverings, in festivals, as flags, as banners, as thank you gifts, etc. Technically, they are towels, but since they are not towels as those known in the west, we didn’t want to mislead you into thinking you’d be able to rub R2-D2 all over your body. That’s right: R2-D2. Because these Tenugui are not only from Japan, but also from long, long ago and far, far away.”

Star Wars in “Doonesbury” [Star Wars]

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May 20, 1979 – Star Wars
TV to empty room: “It is twelve o’clock, Earth time. May the force be with you.

Yoda on Big Bang Theory [Star Wars]

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When Sheldon expresses his opinion to compete in the University’s Physics Bowl, Leonard has just one thing to say: “Bad feeling I have about this, mmm ?