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Star Trek Groaners [Star Trek]

Posted in TV with tags , , on April 24, 2009 by The Quintessential Geek

Star Trek GroanersQuestion: What did Worf say when small ice asteroids began hitting the Enterprise hull?
Answer: “Captain, we are being hailed.”

Question: What did the first officer answer when Picard asked “Why did you let Troi win at poker?”
Answer: “Because I Riker.”

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New Star Trek Movie Material [Star Trek]

Posted in Movies with tags on November 11, 2008 by The Quintessential Geek

New Star Trek movie material

The official Star Trek Movie site has unleashed new trekkie goodies. In addition to a new HD trailer due out in just 6 days, there are new movie posters available in the “Download” section.

Klingon Mating Rituals in Big Bang Theory [Nga’Chuq]

Posted in Culture, TV with tags , on July 25, 2008 by The Quintessential Geek

In Season 1, Episode 12, the characters are found discussing the rules of Klingon mating rituals to answer the age-old question of whether a Vulcan can mate with a Klingon, and survive to tell the tale. Luckily, we never find the answer on the show.

Klingon mating rituals are very violent, and they resemble a very primitive type of S&M – foreplay consists of kicking the p’tahk out of your partner before having your way with them. Bruises, broken bones, and sometimes death is a part of life of Klingon sex. Occasionally during Klingon orgasm, it is not uncommon to pass out completely by the pain.

Now that’s what I call an orgasm!