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Board Games on “The IT Crowd” [Board Games]

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A stack of four board games sit on the top shelf behind Roy’s desk. They are, from bottom to top: War on Terror: The Boardgame, Ticket To Ride, Mystery of the Abbey, and Wage.

Underworld in The IT Crowd [Comics]

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A copy of the “Underworld Volume 3: Ink Punk” comic book can be found standing up behind the previously mentioned “Back In Bleck” album, located on the shelf right behind Roy’s desk.

“Every week for years, the cartoonist known as Kaz has doled out an Underworld strip to his readers. There was a time when an Underworld collection was the only place to see this little-known strip outside of a few big-city alternative tabloids, but thanks to the Web and the Fantagraphic collections, it is reaching a new audience.”

[via Pop Matters]

Johnny Ryan in The IT Crowd [Stand-Up Comedy]

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A “Back In Bleck” album poster (or perhaps a 7″ record) by Johnny Ryan stands on the wire shelf behind Roy’s desk, to his right.

“Johnny Ryan is my current favorite “modern” comic artist, even though he occasionally pisses me off. He’s an angry guy who picks both appropriate and inappropriate targets, and will aim for an easy poop and pork joke whenever possible. And because he doesn’t appear to like competition, he’ll occasionally aim a sharp barb at hard targets that include some of the early alternative comix masters without whom there would be no Johnny Ryan. The bottom line, however, is that Ryan’s comics are balls-out hilarious.”

[via Mania]

Tony Little’s Gazelle in The IT Crowd [Gadgets I never use]

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You can see the handle of a clearly unused Tony Little Gazelle (it is folded) on the floor, next to the wall found to the right of Jen’s desk, as she walks past it to greet a visitor to the IT department.

My wife and I purchased this no-impact exercise machine when it was popular 5 years ago, not only so I can build abs like Tony, but also because it was so revolutionary, and the infomercial was very convincing. After all, 30 minutes a day exercise is more than I was getting anyways, so what did I have to lose ? That trend only lasted 3 weeks for me. My wife, on the other hand, loves it, so I set it up for her in the basement in such a way that she can watch Oprah while working out. While she does that, I think I’ll stick to my daily exercise program of getting out of bed.

Mr. Scruff in The IT Crowd [Music]

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A poster for Mr. Scruff‘s album “Beyond” hangs on the wall next to the doorway found to the right of Jen’s desk.

If you haven’t yet heard the rhythmic performances of this British DJ, I highly recommend you head to his web site and sample a few of his songs – my wife and I already own two of his albums, and I think that “Beyond” will be our next one. In addition to providing a great listen-to, most of his songs tell a great story, mostly inspired by animals and children. Mr. Scruff can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a refreshing musical sound.

Anti-Piracy Stickers in The IT Crowd [Hobbies]

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Fun anti-piracy stickers can be found pasted on the door to the IT department: MP3 is not a crime, “Fair use has a posse”, as well as two Electronic Frontier Foundation stickers. An ominous “Danger of Death” sign warns visitors to the IT department of impeding doom.

Guitar Hero on The IT Crowd [Video Games]

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A Guitar Hero poster is clearly leaning on its long side against the shelf behind Jen’s desk, to her left.

I recently came across an article talking about a version of the popular console game “Guitar Hero” for the Blackberry and other mobile devices. As if the game itself wasn’t addictive enough, adding it to the Blackberry lineup can only serve to feed typical obsessive compulsive behaviours normally associated with typical users of these devices, namely teenagers.

Don’t get me wrong – I personally love the game. I have had the chance to play it numerous times on my friends’ consoles, and just fell in love with it right away. The graphics are first-rate, and the originality of the game play makes any player stand up and take notice.

Yet, that is not what makes this game unique.

For decades, we have used all sorts of devices to control objects on a screen: paddles, joysticks, game pads, mouse, keyboard, etc… What makes Guitar Hero such a phenomenon is the unique way of taking a common object (such as a guitar) and turning it into an interactive device that makes you, the player, completely responsible for the way the game looks and sounds. And the controls are so simple – five buttons, a strum bar, and a whammy bar are all you need to sound like Jimmy Page on steroids.

Sure, the game feeds into our fantasies. After all, who hasn’t dreamed of one day walking up on stage and performing in front of a live audience ? But that is what makes the console game so unique – the look and feel of the game. When I am holding the guitar controller by the neck, and strumming those notes as they whiz by, I am immediately immersed in a truly realistic simulation.

That is where the Crackberry version loses me. I am having a hard time picturing myself on a crowded bus, constantly thumbing my way across the top row keys. It would seem to me that all I would get is a sore thumb! Not to mention the wear and tear it would place on those keys. (Have you ever tried to type without the letter “E” ? It’s not prtty.)

No, I think I’ll wait until I can afford to get an Xbox or a PS3. And if I can’t wait, my friends are only a phone call away.

Vintage Hardware in The IT Crowd [Computers]

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A vintage Atari 2600 game console is sitting on the top shelf of the bookcase located behind Jen’s desk, to her right.

The joystick to play said console is conveniently located on top of the same cabinet.

An apparently defunct Commodore PET sits on the bottom shelf behind Moss’ desk, to his right.

A grocery cart full of useless PC’s sit right next to the entrance of the IT department (fitting, isn’t it) ?

Jim Woodring in The IT Crowd [Art]

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by Jim Woodridge

by Jim Woodridge

The IT Department of the hit British TV show “The IT Crowd” is set in basement of a large multi-million dollar corporation. The social derelicts that work there have made this their second home, placing geeky goodness everywhere – on the doors, on the walls, on their desks, on their bodies, etc…

Looking around the room, one cannot help but notice they collect a lot of Jim Woodring paintings, prints, toys, and collectables.

Some of these items are listed here:

Behind Roy’s desk is an original Jim Woodring print, entitled Stranger Cartoon.

You can also catch a glimpse of a green Mr. Bumper toy on Roy’s desk, to his left. (Coincidentally, we get introduced to its box 7 seconds later).

The box of the previously identified “Mr. Bumper” toy sits on the top of the cabinet next to Roy’s desk, to his left.

A copy of Frogskin Goggles, hangs taped to the upper-right hand corner of another (as of yet unknown) print.

More Jim Woodring paraphernalia can be found in the hutch of Roy’s desk.

A Jim Woodring exhibition poster hangs on the wall to the right of Jen’s desk. It is clearly visible here, as Jen speaks to our visitor.

Blue Screen of Death in The IT Crowd [Windows]

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Dunno what happnd...We dint touch it!

At the end of the opening credits, the screen flashes to a Windows Blue Screen of Death, followed shortly by a Windows 1.0-looking warning window.