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What I learned today…

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  • The weirdness of quantum mechanics is, in fact, not that weird…  Why does nature allow weirdness to exist in a limited form?  If chaos overshadows law and order, why doesn’t quantum mechanics blow our minds with rules we can’t possibly understand?  Oh, wait…
  • Playing Pro Keys in Rock Band 3 is not as easy as it looks.  Although I do find some of the easier songs more challenging on this new instrument, it’s not that the songs themselves are harder, but rather having to deal with an extra finger – the thumb.  When playing guitar or bass, we are used to ignoring our thumb, but you need all 10 fingers to properly master the keyboards in this game.  What would make this the quintessential game?  Release the complete Dark Side of the Moon album by Pink Floyd, playable all in one setting.  Narcotics, anyone…?

Great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker will speak at Vampire-Con

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[via Newswire]

Dracula The Un-Dead, sequel to original classic officially sanctioned by the Bram Stoker family to exhibit at Vampire-Con. Dracula the Un-dead authors Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt join the panel discussion ‘Why We Love Vampires’.”

Steampunk in “Twin Cinema” by “The New Pornographers” [Steampunk]

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The album cover of “Twin Cinema” by “The New Pornographers” showcases two video projectors pictured in the steampunk style, pointing towards each other.

The steampunk fiction genre is an offshoot of fantasy, usually set in a time where steam power is widely used (such as the 19th century on Earth).  Because steampunk incorporates elements of science fiction (such as flying contraptions and complicated primitive machines), the genre can be adaptable to almost any setting or timeframe.  Books of the genre are loosely based on works by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, and most of them incorporate a theme of rebellion or belonging to a society where high class rules, and the working class suffers.

The term steampunk originated in the 1980’s to differ from the popular cyberpunk genre, which incorporates electronic elements into the stories as opposed to mechanical machines predominantly found in steampunk.  Although the term was coined later, there exists a number of steampunk novels to have been written well before, such as Titus Alone by Mervyn Peake (1969) and The Wild Wild West television series that ran from 1965 to 1969.  The genre has since been incporated into elements of modern culture, such as the hit movie “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (2003), which brings steampunk and comic books together.

The genre continues to draws fans at such an increasing rate that there exists a steampunkculture that is alive and well both online and in real life, as steampunk renaissance fairs become more and more popular.  There even exists a “Steampunk Magazine“, where fans can read and write about the latest fiction or incorporation of steampunk into their everyday lives.