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Joel is back this week to complete the dynamic duo!

For podcast 23 we focused on Microsoft and everything that has been going on with the company lately. Incredibly, we were able to do this without even getting into Windows 7… that’s how much they have going on at the moment. We covered a lot of ground in this fast-moving, slightly abbreviated podcast.

(Note: We had some very minor audio issues, but they only last for a few seconds and occur just a few times in the podcast. They should not be significant enough to affect your listening experience.)

You can download the podcast MP3, or you can subscribe using iTunes.

Internet Explorer 8 Issues (Already) [IE8]

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With the recent release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer version 8 comes a number of new features that have been touted as rivaling Mozilla’s Firefox package, including a privacy feature for anonymous surfing and selection-based searching.

Also included, however, are features that we certainly don’t want to see, including an “Automatic Crash Recovery”, which promises to “prevent the loss of work in the unlikely event of browser failure.”  (Like that *never* happens, right ?)

It also appears that although the world is ready for a new version of the not-so-popular-anymore web browser, it appears that many sites, especially those that use Java or Flash technology are not yet ready for the transition.

Take a look at the warning from Yahoo games, which uses both Flash and Java to power the front-end game engines:

Yahoo Games != Internet Explorer ?!