Guitar Hero on The IT Crowd [Video Games]

A Guitar Hero poster is clearly leaning on its long side against the shelf behind Jen’s desk, to her left.

I recently came across an article talking about a version of the popular console game “Guitar Hero” for the Blackberry and other mobile devices. As if the game itself wasn’t addictive enough, adding it to the Blackberry lineup can only serve to feed typical obsessive compulsive behaviours normally associated with typical users of these devices, namely teenagers.

Don’t get me wrong – I personally love the game. I have had the chance to play it numerous times on my friends’ consoles, and just fell in love with it right away. The graphics are first-rate, and the originality of the game play makes any player stand up and take notice.

Yet, that is not what makes this game unique.

For decades, we have used all sorts of devices to control objects on a screen: paddles, joysticks, game pads, mouse, keyboard, etc… What makes Guitar Hero such a phenomenon is the unique way of taking a common object (such as a guitar) and turning it into an interactive device that makes you, the player, completely responsible for the way the game looks and sounds. And the controls are so simple – five buttons, a strum bar, and a whammy bar are all you need to sound like Jimmy Page on steroids.

Sure, the game feeds into our fantasies. After all, who hasn’t dreamed of one day walking up on stage and performing in front of a live audience ? But that is what makes the console game so unique – the look and feel of the game. When I am holding the guitar controller by the neck, and strumming those notes as they whiz by, I am immediately immersed in a truly realistic simulation.

That is where the Crackberry version loses me. I am having a hard time picturing myself on a crowded bus, constantly thumbing my way across the top row keys. It would seem to me that all I would get is a sore thumb! Not to mention the wear and tear it would place on those keys. (Have you ever tried to type without the letter “E” ? It’s not prtty.)

No, I think I’ll wait until I can afford to get an Xbox or a PS3. And if I can’t wait, my friends are only a phone call away.

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