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Vintage Hardware in The IT Crowd [Computers]

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A vintage Atari 2600 game console is sitting on the top shelf of the bookcase located behind Jen’s desk, to her right.

The joystick to play said console is conveniently located on top of the same cabinet.

An apparently defunct Commodore PET sits on the bottom shelf behind Moss’ desk, to his right.

A grocery cart full of useless PC’s sit right next to the entrance of the IT department (fitting, isn’t it) ?

Jim Woodring in The IT Crowd [Art]

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by Jim Woodridge

by Jim Woodridge

The IT Department of the hit British TV show “The IT Crowd” is set in basement of a large multi-million dollar corporation. The social derelicts that work there have made this their second home, placing geeky goodness everywhere – on the doors, on the walls, on their desks, on their bodies, etc…

Looking around the room, one cannot help but notice they collect a lot of Jim Woodring paintings, prints, toys, and collectables.

Some of these items are listed here:

Behind Roy’s desk is an original Jim Woodring print, entitled Stranger Cartoon.

You can also catch a glimpse of a green Mr. Bumper toy on Roy’s desk, to his left. (Coincidentally, we get introduced to its box 7 seconds later).

The box of the previously identified “Mr. Bumper” toy sits on the top of the cabinet next to Roy’s desk, to his left.

A copy of Frogskin Goggles, hangs taped to the upper-right hand corner of another (as of yet unknown) print.

More Jim Woodring paraphernalia can be found in the hutch of Roy’s desk.

A Jim Woodring exhibition poster hangs on the wall to the right of Jen’s desk. It is clearly visible here, as Jen speaks to our visitor.

Blue Screen of Death in The IT Crowd [Windows]

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Dunno what happnd...We dint touch it!

At the end of the opening credits, the screen flashes to a Windows Blue Screen of Death, followed shortly by a Windows 1.0-looking warning window.

FAIL in The IT Crowd [Geek Folklore]

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During the opening credits, the camera zooms in to an old CRT monitor with the word FAIL printed in big bold letters.

Flying pasta deities in The IT Crowd [Geek Folklore]

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Touched By His Noodly Appendage

Touched By His Noodly Appendage

In season 2, episode 1 of the British hit TV show “The IT Crowd” (“The Work Outing”) , you can clearly see the right half of a hand-drawn picture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster pasted on the fridge, next to an open source poster.

A cult phenomenon spread quickly across the ‘Net when the Kansas School Board refused to acknowledge an alternative theory of their Intelligent Design curriculum proposed to them by one of their child students. The boy proposed that the deity he believed in resembled a familiar pasta dish. Outraged by this notion, the school board sent the boy home. The parents, seeing no harm in what their child was doing, wrote a response in an open letter to the Kansas School Board. The news quickly spread, and pretty soon, the infamous Flying Spaghetti Monster found its way onto T-shirts, bumper stickers, and has amassed a large cult following.