How to talk to your child about…

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“James knew he had to go. But when he got to the boys’ bathroom at school, he sat down on the toilet and nothing happened. He waited a couple of minutes and . . . still nothing. He tried pushing but it kind of hurt. After a while a little poop came out, but it was small and hard, sort of like marbles.

James flushed, zipped up, and washed his hands. He didn’t feel much better. Why? He was a little constipated.”

[Read more at Kid’s Health]

How to zombie-proof your car

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Do you like cars…?   Do you like zombies…?

If so, I hope you enjoy this episode of Mighty Car Mods, where they transform an ordinary car into a zombie-proof vehicle.  This will be very useful when the zombie apocalypse comes…

Young math wiz has fun with doodling

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This one will blow your mind:

Binary trees:



Plus, see other videos by user “vihart”.

The Plague by Gwen Stefani

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What I learned today…

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  • The weirdness of quantum mechanics is, in fact, not that weird…  Why does nature allow weirdness to exist in a limited form?  If chaos overshadows law and order, why doesn’t quantum mechanics blow our minds with rules we can’t possibly understand?  Oh, wait…
  • Playing Pro Keys in Rock Band 3 is not as easy as it looks.  Although I do find some of the easier songs more challenging on this new instrument, it’s not that the songs themselves are harder, but rather having to deal with an extra finger – the thumb.  When playing guitar or bass, we are used to ignoring our thumb, but you need all 10 fingers to properly master the keyboards in this game.  What would make this the quintessential game?  Release the complete Dark Side of the Moon album by Pink Floyd, playable all in one setting.  Narcotics, anyone…?

Everything you need to know about The Walking Dead (IO9)

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You’ve heard of this recent phenomenon, right?  A bunch of average people survive a zombie infestation, and must survive not only the living dead, but must also learn to live amongst themselves.  Although the plot sounds eerily familiar, there is no comparison one can make to Robert Kirkman‘s comic book series, The Walking Dead.

If you are new to the series, science fiction blog IO9 has written a summary on the characters and plot of this comic, which has been recently adapted to an AMC TV series.

[Everything You Need To Know About The Walking Dead]

Muslims vs. Christians

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Although I try to stay away from sensitive political topics, I could not help but share this optimistic cartoon from Time Magazine’s “Cartoons of the Week” feature.