Best… Comments… Ever…

On James Franco and the upcoming Planet of the Apes trailer:

“Try some new ideas. Also, stop casting James Franco. A box of wood carries a scene better.”

“It’s refreshing to know that there are other people in the world that believe James Franco will cause the apocalypse. ”

“Why don’t we just call it “Deep Blue Ape” and be done with it?”

“I could comment, but the NDA I signed with TCF prevents from doing so.”

“Meanwhile, there will have to be, in the history of the universe, a very last time someone says “meh”. I am patiently waiting.”

“It will be the last second before the heat death of the universe reduces all matter to dust, thus summing up the purpose of life as we knew it: “Meh.””

“I wanted to throw feces at the screen while watching that awful, awful remake with Marky Mark in it. ”

“I was waiting for those gorillas to form a giant monkey ball a la Endhiran.”

“This time, like every time, I secretly prayed for a ballistic miscalculation resulting in a dreadful mess sprayed over the camera lens.”

“Thank you, my dear fellow BoingBoingerz… I thought I was the only one who found Franco totally… nothing. I’m not sure he’s acting. I think he’s just saying stuff and being cute. Which I can do. Except for the cute part.”

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