Chess Game #1

White: Me (1204)
Black: 1213

1. e2-e4 e7-e5
2. g1-f3 b8-c6
3. f1-c4 g8-f6
4. b1-c3 f8-b4

Black clears the way for a kingside castle, and threatens Nc3 protecting the pawn at e4.

5. d2-d3 b4xc3+

White protects the pawn at e4, which is controlling the center squares.

6. b2xc3 o-o
7. o-o h7-h6
8. f3-h4 d7-d6

Seeing black’s pawn f7 is pinned by the white Bc4, white hopes to control g6, threatening black’s Rf8:

9. h4-g6 f8-e8
10. d1-f3 c8-g4

White prepares for Qxf7+, if black ever moves Nf6.  White does not see the potential for Bg4, threatening queen.

11. f3-g3 a7-a6

In addition to moving white’s queen to safety, this could cause a potential problem for black.  The removal of the black pawn g6 and the black Bg4 leaves black’s queen extremely vulnerable to an attack from Qg3 and Bc4.  This is the strategy white decides to pursue, and will ultimately lead to black’s demise.

12. c1xh6 g7xh6
13. h2-h3 b7-b5
14. c4-b3 g4-e2
15. g6-f4+ g8-h7

Boom!  White’s strategy is a success with a skewer between a check by the queen and Nxe2, not only winning material, but posing a huge threat to potential checkmate, especially with white Bb3 still pinning the pawn f7:

16. f4xe2 e8-g8
17. g3-e3 d6-d5
18. e4xd5 f6xd5
19. e3-e4+ g8-g6

White pins Nd5 against the check .

20. b3xd5 d8-f6
21. e2-g3 a8-d8
22. g3-h5 f6-d6
23. d5xf7 d6-d5

Checkmate in 2 moves: 24. Qxg5+ Kh8 25. Qg7#.  Unfortunately, white does not see this, and instead proceeds to take black’s Qd5.  Black eventually resigns after making some unproductive moves.
24. h5-f6+ h7-h8
25. f6xd5 g6-f6
26. d5xf6 h8-g7

(Black resigns)

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