Highway Companion by Tom Petty [Music]

Highway Companion is Tom Petty‘s 18th album, 3rd of his solo career, his latest in 4 years since the release of The Last DJ, which bombed in the face of his critics (the song “Joe” was called “the worst song he’s ever written” by an Allmusic review). He seems to have redeemed itself with an album that is rich in melodies, but gives back some of the rock ‘n’ roll grit he used to carry in his earlier years.

The first song starts with the same beat George Thorogood used in his infamous song “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer“, and carries the rhythm throughout the song by adding some good old classic rock riffs, and you are left with the impression that Tom Petty is back!

Songs like “Flirting with Time”, “Down South”, and “Turn This Car Around” reflect the classic sound of Tom Petty as we came to know him with The Heartbreakers, while “Jack” and “Night Driver” showcase the mellow musings he introduced in The Last DJ.

Is Tom Petty back ? Had to say, but this album is definitely a good listen, and would recommend it to anyone who has followed Tom Petty’s career through the ages.

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