Tony Little’s Gazelle in The IT Crowd [Gadgets I never use]

You can see the handle of a clearly unused Tony Little Gazelle (it is folded) on the floor, next to the wall found to the right of Jen’s desk, as she walks past it to greet a visitor to the IT department.

My wife and I purchased this no-impact exercise machine when it was popular 5 years ago, not only so I can build abs like Tony, but also because it was so revolutionary, and the infomercial was very convincing. After all, 30 minutes a day exercise is more than I was getting anyways, so what did I have to lose ? That trend only lasted 3 weeks for me. My wife, on the other hand, loves it, so I set it up for her in the basement in such a way that she can watch Oprah while working out. While she does that, I think I’ll stick to my daily exercise program of getting out of bed.

3 Responses to “Tony Little’s Gazelle in The IT Crowd [Gadgets I never use]”

  1. Hi in the episode of the it crowd on 10 december 2008, Roy is using a little gadget that is white with a screen and has blue flashing lights though it, what is it?

  2. Sheriff Fatman Says:

    I want to know too! it had headphones and he seemed to be head-dancing to it!

  3. its called a tenori-on thingamajig, heres the link
    knock yourself out guys šŸ˜‰

    p.s. whats that yellow round thing that looks like a radio…looks like a pacman head.

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