Mr. Scruff in The IT Crowd [Music]

A poster for Mr. Scruff‘s album “Beyond” hangs on the wall next to the doorway found to the right of Jen’s desk.

If you haven’t yet heard the rhythmic performances of this British DJ, I highly recommend you head to his web site and sample a few of his songs – my wife and I already own two of his albums, and I think that “Beyond” will be our next one. In addition to providing a great listen-to, most of his songs tell a great story, mostly inspired by animals and children. Mr. Scruff can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a refreshing musical sound.

One Response to “Mr. Scruff in The IT Crowd [Music]”

  1. This web site is awesome. I enjoy everything you have published. I wanted to share with you a playlist that I believe really symbolizes this group. Give it a look and let me know if you like it!

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