Jeff Healey in Road House [Pop Icon]

I almost forgot what an amazing performance Jeff Healey gave in the 1989 hit movie “Road House“. He plays the role of Cody, a local guitarist playing in a very raunchy bar. We first meet Cody when James Dalton (played by Patrick Swayze) is hired as a bouncer. In addition to playing guitar like only Jeff Healey can, his character stays on-set, and appears throughout the movie, both as an artistic musician and a brilliant actor.

Born with cancer of the eye, he never let his blindness stop him from becoming one of the greatest blues and jazz musicians of the 20th century. Sadly, after being cancer-free for 38 years, the cancer spread to his legs, and he died shortly afterwards on March 2nd of this year.

If you haven’t yet heard the amazing talents of this great Canadian superstar, I invite you to do it now. His passing away has struck a chord in many people, and he will be missed.

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