John Travolta in Doonesbury [Pop Icon]

August 15, 1979

Zonker is getting ready for his outing to Studio 54 with Mark:
“Mark: Serious boogie togs, man! You are definitely ready to roll!
Zonker [dressed in white polyester in front of a mirror]: You think it’s me ?
Mark: Sure. You and six million other John Travolta look-alikes!
Zonker: Who ?
Mark: Who ? Did you just say “Who”, Zonker ?
Zonker [thinking]: Uh-Oh.. Here we go again..”

Despite being a high school drop-out, John Travolta landed roles in Broadway musicals (including the popular Grease!). From there, his career blossomed, but he will always be remembered as the talented disco dancer Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever, which became a hit in 1977, one year after Travolta gained fame playing Danny Zuko in the movie Grease!, and two years before Zonker realizes who he is.

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