Jim Woodring in The IT Crowd [Art]

by Jim Woodridge

by Jim Woodridge

The IT Department of the hit British TV show “The IT Crowd” is set in basement of a large multi-million dollar corporation. The social derelicts that work there have made this their second home, placing geeky goodness everywhere – on the doors, on the walls, on their desks, on their bodies, etc…

Looking around the room, one cannot help but notice they collect a lot of Jim Woodring paintings, prints, toys, and collectables.

Some of these items are listed here:

Behind Roy’s desk is an original Jim Woodring print, entitled Stranger Cartoon.

You can also catch a glimpse of a green Mr. Bumper toy on Roy’s desk, to his left. (Coincidentally, we get introduced to its box 7 seconds later).

The box of the previously identified “Mr. Bumper” toy sits on the top of the cabinet next to Roy’s desk, to his left.

A copy of Frogskin Goggles, hangs taped to the upper-right hand corner of another (as of yet unknown) print.

More Jim Woodring paraphernalia can be found in the hutch of Roy’s desk.

A Jim Woodring exhibition poster hangs on the wall to the right of Jen’s desk. It is clearly visible here, as Jen speaks to our visitor.

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